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High Strategy Consultancy

Serving our Customers

The majority of our consultants work targets governments, large and mid-sized firms operating in the key industries of the countries. Working in the consulting industry as advisors we are increasingly working in a key role outside the consulting industry that for a large part leverages business and international knowledge skills.

Over the past decades, we have taken large steps in maturing our internal advisory and implementation units, building internal consulting and project management teams as well as developing innovative ‘consulting’ capabilities across key departments, functions and processes areas.

Our typical internal consulting roles are focused in, among others, international leads, corporate development, project management units and dedicated advisory departments, as well as many consultants venturing into managerial roles.

  • Strategy Consulting
  • Management Consulting
  • Operations Consulting
  • Financial Advisory
  • HR Consulting
  • Technology Consulting

Featured activities

Among the international initiatives, Concentus is pursuing the datacenter for Public Administration services in Spain, Italy, Malta, Brazil, Tunis (and Maghreb Area), UAE, with new deals in Slovakia and Bosnia-Herzegovina serving former soviet countries and Europe.

Governments and Institutions

Our activity provides mainly bespoke services to European government and large multinational entities. We have been providing such services for 20 years under different brands through the incumbent main telecom companies in Europe and Middle East.

In the Public Administration sector Concentus is working in partnership with the local administrations in hot areas of Maghreb and Africa.

Consulting domains

Our combined services and offerings span in over 50 industry and functional areas.

Services Summary

Strategy Operations Human Resources Financial Advisory Technology
Corporate Strategy Process Management Organisational Change Corporate Finance IT Advisory
Economie Policy Supply Chain HR Technology Restructuring ERP Implernentadon
Me rgers & Acquisidons Procurement learning & Development Actuarial Services Data AnalytIcs
Organisatonal Strategy Finente Operations Benetits & Rewards Risk Management Applicaton Development
Functional Strategy Outsourcing Talent Management Real Estate Advisory Systems Integration
-- Project Management -- Forensics & btigeton Enterprise Architecture