Concentus Group

25 years with our customers

Our business is your success

Concentus is a company of business development and strategic coordination, which derives its role of control room from a long tradition of consultancy on high directional strategy, operating always at 360 degrees by leading the evolution of the customers’ economic model and their ecosystem integration.

Concentus, meaning «concert» in Latin, is a leading player in new technologies development, from R&D to the full Industrialization, delivering innovative solutions that includes an effective financial planning which cater the demand of our renewed international scenario.

Our team have created over the years a unique offering portfolio, deployed with great success in leading organizations around the world.

The strategic business development activity of Concentus starts from a deep understanding of its customer needs and goes through a close consultancy support targeted to maximize the advantages for all the stakeholders involved.

Concentus is actively working both in traditional and in new business projects. By introducing innovative and successful know-how: integrated processes, innovation, coordination R&D, high technology and production